This week in PlayStation art


Every week we like to take a look around the web and collect some amazing fan art relating to the world of PlayStation. Feel free to suggest more fan art in the comments below. Here’s what we came up with this week.


Shadow by Chad Gowey

Shadow by Chad Gowey

Tomb Raider by Sam Spratt

Tomb Raider by Sam Spratt

ICO – Sleeping in a chair by cellar-fcp

ICO - Sleeping in a chair by cellar-fcp

Before the days of King by luulala

Before the days of King by luulala

Natural Mirror by KleXchen

Natural Mirror by KleXchen

Shadow of the Colossus by Iwilding

Shadow of the Colossus by Iwilding

The Ascent by Alexandra Clotfelter

The Ascent by Alexandra Clotfelter

BL2 girls by doubleleaf

BL2 girls by doubleleaf

Assassin’s creed III by jamga

Assassin's creed III by jamga

  1. dFUSE Baj says:

    Some amazing SotC artwork here.

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