Get a free PS4 before it’s released from Taco Bell campaign site now live

As we reported yesterday Taco Bell are giving away free PS4s to its customers. The official site is now live and the giveaways start on 9/26/13 at 12:01 AM ET and ends on 11/10/13 at 11:29 PM ET.

Each winner will receive a prize package that includes a PlayStation 4 system, one copy of Knack and a 1 Year PlayStation Plus Membership.

  1. Vasilis says:

    I never had the opportunity to buy pc or either a console because i dont have money.And here in greece the things are very difficult with the economyc crysis.

  2. ballsmcfalls says:

    Well Vasilis, you better get your ass to taco bell and order a big box

  3. Thorlius says:

    Only available in US…

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