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Sony’s stock went up by 100% since November 2012

It’s starting to look good for Sony. To date Sony’’s stock has went up by 100% since November 2012. With the PS4 on the horizon and everything going their way at the moment the trading might pick up even more this coming holiday. Sony’s semiconductor-market has consistently improved over the past years and it outranked AMD in 2012. The Japanese electronic multinational conglomerate produced 8% of the world’s Television sets in 2012.

Sony’s stock went up by 100% since November 2012

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  1. avatar Tom R says:

    Not surprising, since Kaz Hirai took over, they are following the basic Apple principle of doing fewer things but doing them very well. Look at the PS4, absolute stellar product and blockbuster sales predicted, look at the new Xperia Z1, probably the best Android smartphone out there, Sony’s new TV sets are now competitive with Samsung. Coupled with the competitive Yen, predict the resurgence of this once mighty corporation.

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