Puzzle platformer Me and My Dinosaur coming to PS4

Sometimes, all you need to venture out on a grand adventure is your very own T-Rex. Sometimes that T-Rex will bust through someone’s living room and that might cause a hubbub. All of these things and more are yours to experience in the cutesy puzzle-platformer that is Me and My Dinosaur by Madsoft Games.

The game is designed around puzzles involving both characters. You can choose to switch between the hunter and the T-Rex, or someone can drop in to control the T-Rex and thus make it a happy, snuggly local co-op adventure. If you’re so inclined you can also collect and train over 28 baby dinos in the, uhm, dino daycare.

The teaser below doesn’t say a whole lot, but check out the screens to get an idea of what to expect and the aforementioned destroyed living room. Those owners don’t seem very happy.

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