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DmC: Devil May Cry.
DmC: Devil May Cry
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Devil May Cry brand new tears -- DmC reinvents Capcom's classic action franchise to explore new frontiers with the series. The "Devil May Cry DNA" of stylish action, rewarding combat and a brash, smart-talking protagonist all remains; however, it has now injected with a dark and brutal gameplay that promises to redefine the franchise. Set against a contemporary backdrop, DmC depict a duplicitous world ... read more
Rel. dates: EU 15.01.13 US 15.01.13 JP 17.01.13
Developer: Ninja Theory
Publisher: Capcom
Tags: Action, GOW style
0/10 avg.

Ninja Theory's re-imagining for the world of Devil May Cry centers around being in and out of Limbo. Limbo is the alternate reality of the real world and provides a great visual element throughout the game. While in limbo you are in a constantly twisting and changing world, filled with danger and taunts. Dante's new character design is odd at first until you see how it was made to fit perfectly with Limbo.

Dante's combat moves are fluid and easy to use. They're rarely unresponsive and even then, you are able to recover almost instantly. Weapon variety is made by using a Angel and Demon mode, which you change on the fly with / . The different modes not only provide additional moves and weapons, but at times you also need to think quickly when it comes to colored enemies or grapple points.

Encountering new enemy types presents you with the enemy's theme music, to get your blood pumping for the upcoming battle. The soundtrack - produced by electronic music group Noisia and industrial rock band Combichrist - is a perfect fit for the game that takes itself a little too seriously.

The game is pretty easy in general, which I find is a great appeal to a majority of players. Achieving SSS rank on normal was not a challenge. For those wanting more of a challenge, the game includes several difficulty modes. Hardcore players will no doubt really enjoy trying to achieve the SSS ranking in the harder difficulties.

Missions are well paced and last just long enough to give you that great feeling of satisfaction upon completion. New abilities and weapons are introduced throughout the game at perfect times, keeping it constantly feeling fresh.

Side challenges can be unlocked with keys you find throughout the game. These will provide you with some nice unlocks and upgrades for proving your skill. Leaderboards are also there to compare your skill with the rest of the world.


The writing for Dante's story is pretty horrible at times. Repeatedly yelling profanities or juvenile banter between siblings are the replacements for any real dialogue. These elements unfortunately make the game feel more like something that takes itself way too seriously. Ninja Theory's attempt to take already defined words and throw their own different definition on them in the game comes off as just feeling very lazy.

Dante's personality is rather dull. By the time you hear a fun quip or well spoken line from Dante you have forgotten how long it has been since the last one. As mentioned earlier he usually just resorts to cursing for his well-spoken retorts.

Unresponsiveness in combat happens primarily when switching combat mode. This is mainly a problem when you're switching grapple styles and shoot out the wrong grapple. Luckily most times you are held in the air long enough to correct and shoot the correct grapple before falling to your death.

9 /10
Dante may not be articulate, but he is extremely well-versed in both blades and bullets.

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