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Labyrinth Legends.
Labyrinth Legends
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Quirky and addictive, this arcade action-adventure dungeon crawler rewards those crafty and powerful enough to become a legend. Brave mysterious tunnels and mystical crypts. Explore ancient tombs of lost civilizations. Evade concealed traps. Solve intuitive puzzles. Collect stars and gold, and discover hidden treasure, weapons, artifacts and more. But stay alert to battle foreboding mummies, zombies, ... read more
Rel. dates: EU 21.12.12 US 18.12.12 JP N/A
Developer: Creat Studios
Publisher: Creat Studios
Tags: Strategy
9/10 avg.

Labyrinth Legends is first and foremost a casual dungeon crawler. But in great PSN tradition Creat Studios has taken a known genre and distilled it down to the bare necessities while at the same time putting their own unique spin on it. A similar approach was taken with Magic Ball, Cuboid and Digger HD - all really good games.

Forget about a fulfilling story or deep character development, your motivation playing this game is the elaborate mazes filled with loot, monsters and - more importantly - fun puzzles. In order to advance your way to save your bride to be you need to collect stars hidden inside the dungeons. There are 5 in each maze and while some appear when you kill all the enemies in a room the majority are rewards for solving puzzles.

The game has a very neat vibrant cartoony look, light effects in particular. In traditional dungeon crawler style the main character gives off light and your surroundings cast shadows in a very realistic manner.

Combat is easy and fun, as the warrior you can slash enemies with your sword, do spin- and charge-attacks and block. As the sorcerer you have the long range advantage of casting spells but this character is only playable in a few more puzzle-oriented levels.

Once you enter a new dungeon there are no checkpoints so you will need to get to the end without losing all your armour and health. This motivates you to be careful when you enter a new corridor or room since they are known to be riddled with buzz-blades, fire traps, spikes and lasers!


My only real gripe with Labyrinth Legends is that I want to play more of it! It's a bit on the short side even if you consider replaying levels for more stars.

Further into the game you occasionally switch character from a warrior to a sorcerer with long range spells and the ability to create frozen blocks of ice. I would really love to play this game with a buddy in Co-op, solving puzzles and exploring the top-down labyrinths.

You will probably not find all 5 stars first time around so going back through the dungeons in order to unlock more levels will be necessary. Some of the harder levels will make you frustrated but this happens mostly because of a particularly difficult boss, not the exploration itself.

The labyrinths are perfect in length, bite sized if you will. This alone would make it an excellent addition to the PlayStation Vita library, with Cross-Buy and Cross-Save. Sony, are you listening? Dare we hope a longer, more fleshed out sequel for both platforms is in the works?

9 /10
A charming and addictive dungeon crawler with a-maze-ing puzzles!

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