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Velocity Ultra.
Velocity Ultra
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Velocity Ultra is a remake of the original PS Minis game and features trophies, online high scores and a completely overhauled visual style at native PS Vita resolution.

In 2212 the distant star Vilio exploded into a red giant, sending an electromagnetic pulse surging into our deep space mining ships, colony cruisers and Special Forces fighters. Now the star is beginning to collapse ... read more
Rel. dates: EU 15.05.13 US N/A JP N/A
Developer: Futurlab
Publisher: Futurlab
Tags: Shoot 'em up
0/10 avg.

Velocity Ultra is by far one of the most fun and addictive games you can get on your Vita today. The former mini has turned into a sharp, competitive schmup with neat mechanics, trophies, creative level design and enough challenges to last you a long time. Getting a perfect gold on every level requires you to learn them and fully master the techniques taught to you. In addition to this you get an amazing soundtrack that's hard to get tired of.

And speaking of mechanics. The game might initially come off as a run-of-the-mill schmup, but its true colors are fully revealed the moment you are introduced to teleporting. The short teleport allows you to travel across the screen, while the long teleport - used by dropping teleport pods - will allow you to jump back to anywhere in the level where you have dropped them. This comes into full effect as switches changes order and paths split, forcing you to be tactical and make quick, precise decisions. Soon you will be boosting through levels, teleporting across obstacles as you take out switches and enemies with well placed bombs and lasers.

The game packs a whole lot of extra content. You can find unlocks for secret bonus missions during the story levels, and they are often cool takes on arcade classics like space invaders. When you're done with those you can jump into a round of minesweeper, a 2 player pvp bomb challenge, concept art, intel, statistics and, well, a calculator among other things. They even packed in a mini game during the credits.


It is a bit dull looking and I would've loved to see some changes in the scenery. Strictly speaking all the 50 levels look exactly the same except for their unique strategic layout. A few more different enemy types would also be welcome.

There's a few glitches, with the most annoying one being able to teleport into the scenery and get stuck. With the screen always moving, these accidents often end in an unfair death.

8 /10
Addictive and fun, a must-have for the Vita

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