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FlatOut 4: Total Insanity PS4

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity

With this new FlatOut game, fans can expect an unsurpassed degree of visibility into the design of the game and expect a variety of ways to chime in and make themselves heard about what THEY want from their FlatOut game experience. FlatOut 4: Total Insanity will have everything that you already love about FlatOut and a whole lot more.
FlatOut 4: Total Insanity is a Racing-game for the   developed by Kylotonn Racing Games and published by PQube.
  • US March 17, 2017
  • EU March 17, 2017
  • JP N/A
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FlatOut Platinum
FlatOut Platinum: FlatOut Platinum
Collector: Buy at least two cars in each class, Derby, Classic and AllStar
On Podium
On Podium: Finish consecutively 10 times on podium in Career Mode
Money Money
Money Money: Earn 123456 cash in Career Mode
Destroyer: Destroy 20 Opponents Online
Paint Shop
Paint Shop: Get all available skins for a Derby car
FlatOut Way
FlatOut Way: Kill Three opponents in the same race (offline)
No Speed Limits
No Speed Limits: Burn nitro continuously for at least 5 seconds in a race
Road to Glory
Road to Glory: Complete FlatOut Mode
Lightning Master
Lightning Master: Complete FlatOut Mode with all gold
Stuntman Newbie
Stuntman Newbie: Complete all stunts with bronze in FlatOut Mode
Stuntman Master
Stuntman Master: Complete all stunts with gold in FlatOut Mode
Speed Junkie
Speed Junkie: Complete Career Mode
Welcome to the World!
Welcome to the World!: Win an online race
Online 1st Degree
Online 1st Degree: Win 10 online races
Online Master
Online Master: Win 25 online races
Hot Rod
Hot Rod: Upgrade an AllStar car at the maximum
Jay will be Proud!
Jay will be Proud!: Purchase all cars of the game
Gold Crusher
Gold Crusher: Destroy 2000 breakables
I'm so Sorry…
I'm so Sorry…: Destroy your first opponent (offline)
...But I love It!
...But I love It!: Destroy 50 opponents (offline)
Sweetheart: Win a race without crashing (100% Full HP)
Anti-Social: Slam 100 opponents in online races
Ready for Junkyard
Ready for Junkyard: Destroy your car for the first time
Hampster King
Hampster King: Win 15 races in Arena Mode
Baby Hampster
Baby Hampster: Complete your first race in Arena Mode
Wreck-Fest: Wreck 5 vehicles during a round in Arena Mode
Flag Thief
Flag Thief: Recover the flag 10 times in the Keep the Flag Mode
The Coyote
The Coyote: Win a race in Assault Mode
Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy: Hit 3 cars with the same activated weapon in Assault Mode
Go Catch the Road Runner
Go Catch the Road Runner: Use the 4 different weapons in Assault Mode
Let's Play a Game
Let's Play a Game: Win 5 races in Assault Mode online
Lay Waste
Lay Waste: Win 20 races in Assault Mode online
Road Attack
Road Attack: Beat a Time Trial with Gold in Career Mode
SSSSSSSSSSSSSSMOKIN'!: Upgrade a car once
Undercover: Win a race with the maximum car parts on your car
Class Winner
Class Winner: Win a race in Derby, Classic, All-Stars classes
That Came as a Surprise
That Came as a Surprise: Eject your driver 100 times
Reload!: Empty all your nitro for the first time from full to empty
Crash Forest, Crash!
Crash Forest, Crash!: Drive a total distance of 500 miles
AirForce One
AirForce One: Jump at least 100m long with your car
It's just the Beginning
It's just the Beginning: Complete your First Cup in Career Mode
Filthy Rich
Filthy Rich: Score over 100,000 in a race
Genius or Lucky?
Genius or Lucky?: Make the perfect score in a stunt game
Devil in 66 Seconds
Devil in 66 Seconds: Keep the flag for 66 seconds in Keep the Flag Game Mode
SurviMinator: Be both Survivor and Eliminator at the same time in 5 Arena Deathmatches
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