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Jak X: Combat Racing PS4

Jak X: Combat Racing

In Jak X: Combat Racing, the player controls characters from the Jak and Daxter series, all of which race in customizable dune buggy-like vehicles. The two main modes of play in the game are Adventure and Exhibition.
Jak X: Combat Racing is a Racing-game for the   developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
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King of the Road
King of the Road: Unlock all trophies.
Head Case
Head Case: Unlock all helmets.
Full Bars
Full Bars: Unlock all antennas.
Highlight Reel
Highlight Reel: Unlock all reels.
From Zero to Hero
From Zero to Hero: Unlock Hero Mode.
Why So Salty?
Why So Salty?: Unlock the Sand Shark.
Unleash the Beast
Unleash the Beast: Unlock the Naughty Dog.
Fresh Kicks
Fresh Kicks: Unlock all Wheels.
Gold Standard: Red Eco Cup
Gold Standard: Red Eco Cup: Collect all Gold Medals in the Red Eco Cup.
Gold Standard: Green Eco Cup
Gold Standard: Green Eco Cup: Collect all Gold Medals in the Green Eco Cup.
Gold Standard: Blue Eco Cup
Gold Standard: Blue Eco Cup: Collect all Gold Medals in the Blue Eco Cup.
Gold Standard: Yellow Eco Cup
Gold Standard: Yellow Eco Cup: Collect all Gold Medals in the Yellow Eco Cup.
On the Board
On the Board: Win a race in Adventure Mode.
What Did You Expect?
What Did You Expect?: View the Hot Coffee reel.
Kill or be Killed
Kill or be Killed: Earn 4 kills in a Circuit race without dying once.
Getting Sideways
Getting Sideways: Drift 600 meters or more.
All Jak'd Up
All Jak'd Up: Purchase 50% of all Engine upgrades.
Swift Shifter
Swift Shifter: Purchase 50% of all Gearbox upgrades.
Road Resilience
Road Resilience: Purchase 50% of all Armor upgrades.
Adrenaline Junkie
Adrenaline Junkie: Purchase 50% of all Turbo upgrades.
Going for Gold
Going for Gold: Earn Gold in any event.
Road Rage
Road Rage: Reach 100 kills in a Death Race, in Adventure mode.
Out of My Way!
Out of My Way!: Reach 150 kills in Rush Hour, in Adventure mode.
Unanswered: Capture 5 power cells before the opposing team captures any, in an Adventure mode Capture event.
Wings of Steel
Wings of Steel: Unlock the Dragonfly.
Cover Your Ears
Cover Your Ears: Unlock the Howler 99.
Bat Out of Hell
Bat Out of Hell: Unlock the Firebat.
Crash and Bash
Crash and Bash: Unlock the Roadhog.
Defensive Driver
Defensive Driver: Unlock the Boomer.
Tame the Beast
Tame the Beast: Unlock the Havoc V12.
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