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Kamen Rider Climax Fighters PS4

Kamen Rider Climax Fighters

Rider vs. Rider. The battle to determine the strongest Rider happens here
Kamen Rider Climax Fighters is a Fighting-game for the   developed by Bandai-Namco and published by Bandai-Namco.
  • US N/A
  • EU N/A
  • JP December 7, 2017
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YOU are the hero!
YOU are the hero!: All trophies obtained.
Game start!
Game start!: First time a battle was started.
Let's start our search
Let's start our search: Used 5 Riders.
Sends shivers down your spines
Sends shivers down your spines: Used 15 Riders.
You have now known everything
You have now known everything: Used all Riders.
Return from the journey
Return from the journey: Battled in 4 stages.
Adventurer: Battled in all stages.
Curiosity: Obtained 15 avatar items.
Avid Collector
Avid Collector: Obtained 30 avatar items.
Hardcore Collector
Hardcore Collector: Obtained 45 avatar items.
Mania: Obtained 60 avatar items.
Complete: Obtained all avatar items.
The journey continues
The journey continues: Cleared 25 different mission.
The different worlds
The different worlds: Cleared 50 different mission.
The real goal
The real goal: Cleared all missions.
Game clearrr!
Game clearrr!: Cleared last mission.
Dress up
Dress up: Selected avatar's customize mode.
The music of human's heart
The music of human's heart: Selected BGM Gallery from Gallery.
The music you call your own
The music you call your own: Selected BGM Edit, made changes, and started a battle.
Study begins
Study begins: Saw a tip.
Knowledge absorption
Knowledge absorption: Saw 20 tips.
Collection of knowledge
Collection of knowledge: Saw 40 tips.
Everything is ready to go!
Everything is ready to go!: Saw all tips.
Your own taste
Your own taste: Selected Options, made changes, and started a battle.
Aim for the top
Aim for the top: Played Rank Match.
Welcome to the lobby
Welcome to the lobby: Entered a Online Player Match room.
Be nice in a team
Be nice in a team: Played Free Battle with a team.
Battle Royal!
Battle Royal!: Played a 4 man battle royal in Free Battle.
The man with 2000 skills
The man with 2000 skills: Cleared mission "The man with 2000 skills."
The Golden Warrior
The Golden Warrior: Cleared mission "The Golden Warrior."
Battle between Riders
Battle between Riders: Cleared mission "Battle between Riders".
Racing instinct
Racing instinct: Cleared mission "Racing instinct."
Fate's trump card
Fate's trump card: Cleared mission "Fate's trump card."
Sonic-strike warrior
Sonic-strike warrior: Cleared mission "Sonic-strike warrior."
Path of heaven
Path of heaven: Cleared mission "Path of heaven."
I... have arrived!
I... have arrived!: Cleared mission "I... have arrived!"
Let's go Kiva!
Let's go Kiva!: Cleared mission "Let's go Kiva!"
Destroyer of worlds
Destroyer of worlds: Cleared mission "Destroyer of worlds."
2-in-1 Detective
2-in-1 Detective: Cleared mission "2-in-1 Detective."
OOO's caliber
OOO's caliber: Cleared mission "OOO's caliber."
Proof of friendship
Proof of friendship: Cleared mission "Proof of friendship."
Magician of the ring
Magician of the ring: Cleared mission "Magician of the ring."
Rider Sengoku Era
Rider Sengoku Era: Cleared mission "Rider Sengoku Era."
Come join me for a spin!
Come join me for a spin!: Cleared mission "Come join me for a spin!"
Hero's strength
Hero's strength: Cleared mission "Hero's strength."
Doctor Rider
Doctor Rider: Cleared mission "Doctor Rider."
Law of Victory
Law of Victory: Cleared mission "Law of Victory."
Black Sun
Black Sun: Cleared mission "Black Sun."
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