Thatgamecompany collectors edition now official

With Thatgamecompany having secured $5.5 million in funding, the future looks even brighter for the developer that gave PlayStation owners the pleasure of
venturing through their 3 platform exclusive games fl0w, Flower and Journey. In all fairness it’s about time more people get to experience the emotional adventures that these unique artists are able to create.

But there are still people out there who have yet to enjoy these titles, and for them the news of a collectors edition might be welcome. While the collection contains all three games, Thatgamecompany is reluctant so say more about its contents, but here’s hoping for some background videos and soundtracks in one neat package.

[UPDATE] More information has surfaced through the Official PlayStation Magazine detailing some of the stuff included in the package. You will get a PS+ membership, all three original soundtracks, mini-games, behind the scenes documentaries and apparently a whole lot more. Sounds like a great deal to me!

  1. Bård A. Johnsen dFUSE says:

    OR a great reason to just replay them, all three are masterpieces!

    • Bård A. Johnsen stoned says:

      Definitely agree with you.

      Flower was a great game and the game play is very unique and fun. I played flow to death on psp and spent a lot of time on it but never had the chance to play it on ps3.
      Journey though I didn’t have a chance to play it even though I really want to.. So this might be great for me if I decide to wait longer.

    • Bård A. Johnsen Baj says:

      You should really, really, really play Journey.

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