Germinator for PS3, debut trailer

I’m excited! Creat Studios has a great track record when it comes to PSN titles. How about gems like Magic OrbzCuboidDigger HD and Mushroom Wars. Can you believe Creat Studios has published 20 games on PSN?

Germinator is their latest addition to the PSN family and it’s a not a match 3 puzzle game as you might have thought. Instead the new twist will make you crash the bubbles into those of the same color until they pop, clearing away space as you progress.

The game features over 200 levels and you will be able to splat your friends in local multiplayer or play against the AI. There is also PS Move support and those of you thinking this game would be perfect for the Vita… Well I have to agree with that.

The game will be out in late 2012 or early 2013.

  1. dFUSE Baj says:

    Looks like an okay spin on this type of puzzler.

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