Dead Island Riptide new character revealed

Deep Silver have revealed a new character and a brand new location in Dead Island Riptide.

In addition to the original team you’ll be able to play as John Morgan, as seen to the right. John is a hand-to-hand combat expert working as a cook on a military ship when something goes horribly wrong outside the island of Palanai.

The town of Henderson is one of the new locations situated on the island of Palanai in the Banoi archipelago. Filthy rich yacht owners and eco-tourists frequently visit the island’s untouched jungle. Palanai’s city center is the luxurious town of Henderson, a Mediterranean-looking port town.

After a devastating monsoon the city became flooded and the team will have seek higher ground in order to avoid the water.

New mission types tailored for coop team-play involves strategically placing traps, fences and turrets to combat the Zombie horde and protect the survivors still alive in sanctuaries.

Check out 4 new high-res screenshots on the Dead Island Riptide Eyecandy page.

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    I miss Dead Island so much :D Can’t wait to go back!

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