LEGO Marvel Super Heroes announced

I’m currently playing LEGO: Lord of the Rings and I’m enjoying it. TT Games’ track record of LEGO games has become increasingly better with each one and the amount of detail in Lord of the Rings is insane. Today TT Games and WB announced the next project to be LEGO-fied and it’s none other than Marvel Super Heroes. The game will be released on most consoles, including PlayStation 3 and Vita.

The plot? Saving the world from Loki and the hunger of Galactus as Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man and Wolverine among the 100 unlockable characters in the game.

It is set for release this fall and quite frankly I can’t wait. Check out more details at,

  1. Bård A. Johnsen Baj says:

    Puhwee, kinda glad this is set for a fall release, because LoTR is frigging huge.

  2. Bård A. Johnsen dFUSE says:

    Woah, neat!

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