This week in PlayStation fan art – week 11

Every week we like to take a look around the web and collect some amazing fan art relating to the world of PlayStation. Feel free to suggest more fan art in the comments below. Here’s what we came up with this week.


The Walking Dead: The Game by Sandika Rakhim

The Walking Dead: The Game by Sandika Rakhim

Mass Effect 3 how it should’ve ended by Hellstern

Mass Effect 3 how it should've ended by Hellstern

Dark Sector Fan Art by Yuan Cui

Dark Sector Fan Art by Yuan Cui

Shadow of the Colossus by Francesco Botti

Shadow of the Colossus by Francesco Botti

Mass Effect: Mordin Solus by Ruthie Hammerschlag 

Mass Effect: Mordin Solus by Ruthie Hammerschlag

I was born for this by Vince Price

I was born for this by Vince Price

Alone by Cat-meff

Alone by cat-meff

Splatter Isaac by Liadys

Splatter Isaac by liadys

Mass Effect Fan Art by Lizzy John

Mass Effect Fan Art by Lizzy John

Bayonetta: Vigrid Stroll by Efrain Farias

Bayonetta: Vigrid Stroll by Efrain Farias

.Okami. Good Boy. by Sakimichan

.Okami. Good Boy. by Sakimichan

Light pyro by BigGreenPepper

Pilgrimage Summit by Contraomnes

Pilgrimage Summit by Contraomnes

Portal To My Heart by Jake Kalbhenn

Portal To My Heart by Jake Kalbhenn

  1. dFUSE Baj says:

    I hate talented people. No I don’t. But dammit, some of these are mindblowing.

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