Let’s put Sony’s $100 million PS4 launch marketing budget in perspective

Sony only has to sell roughly 1.7 million PS4 games or about 286,000 PS4′s to cover their entire PS4 launch marketing budget. According to VirtuaMe, Sony’s estimated advertising launch budget for PS4 is a cool $100,000,000. If this figure is correct it might sound like a big number but Sony actually spent 134 million dollars promoting the PS3 Slim in Europe back in 2009. In addition, a recent report said that analysts estimated a marketing budget for Bioshock Infinite around $100 million.

Now we just have to wait and see if they can put this money to good use in the coming months. Back in February Sony announced that they replaced the advertising firm Deutsch with Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty New York. The new firm is best known for making advertisements for Google’s Chrome, Axe body spray and Coca-Cola’s Sprite.

BBH New York chief creative officer John Patroulis said the following about the cooperation:

“PlayStation is one of the most exciting and coveted brands in the world, so we’re thrilled and humbled to partner with SCEA. They have a smart and ambitious team and we can’t wait to get started.”

UPDATE: We appreciate the response to this news item but as a clarification it is not meant to be a in-depth study of business economics, simply a way of showing in a visual way that everyone would understand, how much funds are spent on marketing in layman terms.


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