Official Sony PS4 site update confirms PS Vita remote play of all PS4 games

Ever since the PlayStation meeting back in February where Mark Cerny showcased how the PS4 game Knack was played remotely on PS Vita skeptics have voiced their concern about the feature.

Here’s the exact quote from Mark Cerny:

“We would like every PS4 game to be able to use this service as we are sure they will, in time.”

Have this time now come and will this feature now be available when the PS4 launches this holiday? Today Sony updated the official PS4 site with a section supposedly confirming the fact that you WILL be able to play all your PS4 games on go. The website writes the following:

“Play your favorite PS4™ games on your PlayStation®Vita’s beautiful 5-inch display using Remote Play.”

At least as the image below shows, Killzone: Shadow Fall will be playable on PS Vita!


Official Sony PS4 site update confirms PS Vita remote play of all PS4 games

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  1. The Truth says:

    Who the F cares?
    Nobody’s going to buy an additional overpriced proprietary flop device so they can look at a tiny screen when they can look at the big screen what the games are supposed to be for. Vita needs its own games, that’s why it’s a flop.
    PS4 will be no different if this course is pursued.

    • T says:

      You’re an idiot.

    • Isaac says:

      I second that. You’re an idiot.

    • Duetschbag says:

      Many of us care. For someone who travels or is on the road often, having access to your PS4 library is awesome! If Vita gave me access to my PS3 library remotely, I would own one right now. I have no reason to own one unless it give me that feature.

    • Kris says:

      Tell that to Nintendo Bro.

    • slimsmcgee says:

      Some people have jobs, and lives. Somebody might want to play through one of those missions, quests, levels etc.. during their lunch break, or why they’re waiting for somebody at a location that isn’t there home. Sorry, but “The Truth” is that we don’t all live in (and never leave) our parent’s basement.

    • Shawn Gallant says:

      Yes u are a idot, when u have kids and or your significant other wants to watch tv and you want to keep the piece in household, PS Vita is imperative to have. Wait you must be a virgin nerd who never kiss a girl yet and I understand why you don’t get it. What’s your address, I’ll send you a rope with a noose.

    • ThePokeMaster says:

      A lot of people care actually.
      The point of Remote Play is to be able to play your PS4 games on your Vita when you’re not just away from your TV but also away from home. You could be across the country or within the same house if someone else (kids, wife) needs to use the TV.

    • oo7PorscheMGS says:

      I 100,000,000th that ;) Maybe you don’t like a “small” screen and yea who wouldn’t prefer the HUGE screen IF they had the choice… but guess what, sometimes you’re away from the TV and sometimes it’s FUN playing a game from ANYWHERE you’d like. Freedom.

    • Marchello says:

      I will, and I already have for the PS3 (which didn’t happen)

    • Chris says:

      Yeah having access to your PS4 from anywhere is awesome! Just have your butler turn it on and turn on remote play every single fucking time you want to use it and you’re ready to go!

    • Legion says:

      Get your facts straight. SONY never claimed ALL PS4 games would be playable.

      And learn how to write.

    • Dean says:

      i don’t care! but i love my vita~ and i don’t think is overprice with all the feature it have, tiny screen? tell that to nintedo 3ds~ lucky it got XL now…

    • John says:

      You moron – wouldn’t you love to be able to play COD on the train when you’ve left your house, or on a plane, or on the beach! How fucking small is your brain!! The reason why vita is a flop is because its overpriced, and no proper games! If they drop the price and allow you to play ALL PS4 games, a flop it will be no more.

    • John says:

      @Chris – you’re a fucking genius! This fucking idiotic moron just got fucking owned by the internet – bet he’s crying in the soup his mummy made him!

    • santa says:

      agree. if you play ps4 game on that tiny screen, you ruin your own experience. if you’re away from your house, then WAIT until you get home to play it. No need to FREAKING play game everywhere like a nerd.

  2. j says:

    Cannot wait to try this out! Adds a lot of value to my Vita, being able to stream ANY ps4 game is pretty amazing.

  3. The Idiot Slayer says:

    Keep in mind remote play can work over the internet… it’s rather convenient to play away from home on short trips say at a hotel or a friend’s house or something…

  4. Heavenshitman says:

    Still dont get how this is going to work successfully from a technical point. Average bandwidths are pathetic (at least here in Australia). So u take ur Vita, and a cloud serice is running ur game and streaming the footage over the net? So millions of ppl running video streams to vita, and there’s going to be no lag?? Uhh dont think so. Downloading a 720p youtube vid can be furiating at times.
    Or u download the games level by level off the cloud to Vita. So u have to wait for gigabytes worth of data at a time to get to u before u can play the next segment of game??
    And no way PS4 games will be full installed on Vita in any way seeing as ur average PS4 game might be 20 GB or even far higher. How much storage does the device have?

    This is Sony still relentlessly hyping a feature to the max that’ll possibly never become prevalent in the life of PS4.
    Vita is whipped by DS/3DS. Vita will never be that significant a deal

    • chud says:

      I assume this will stream video and not actual game files. Streaming video is not hard to do these days.

    • slimsmcgee says:

      Hundreds of thousands of people play CoD online at the same time with no lag, which I’m pretty sure is more bandwidth intensive than mirroring a console game to a handheld. If you try to play online games via remote play, then maybe there would likely be latency issues.

      I remote play PSone classics all the time, due to the fact that it’s easier than having save files on both systems and always syncing. I have not once ran into a lag issue. And I don’t mean in my house, I mean I stream it from 45 miles from home over the internet.

    • Noah says:


      You are wrong, streaming video is more bandwidth intensive than online multiplayer in CoD.

  5. V01C3_0F_R3A50N says:

    Sony has already integrated this feature at a system level, requiring no effort from the developer beyond providing a button mapping scheme for their game to play on Vita. Furthermore, Sony’s acquisition of Gakai has allowed them
    to utilize their tech and patents to reduce remote play lag and latency to an absolute minimum.

    How exactly is it a bad move of Sony’s part @The Truth? It’s an EXTRA feature, take it or leave it. People who own a Vita (such as myself) may be more inclined to buy a PS4 and/or it simply adds value to their existing purchase, and people who own a PS4 and are on the fence about a Vita may decide to purchase the handheld.

    • V01C3_0F_R3A50N says:

      That goes equally for you @Heavenshitman

    • Heavenshitman says:

      Dont think its a ‘bad’ feature. I just couldn’t forsee it making games playable on a mass scale. To those who replied to me earlier, not suggesting the system processors wouldn’t handle it, its just depending on internet connections to stream standard game data (control inputs) as well as real time video streaming. I haven’t played CoD on PC, but have it on WiiU and played other FPSs in recent times. Factoring in average latency with a handful of players online…. Forget it, not worth competing in. Sick of watching ppl teleport in every online game I attempt, and this is over several different net connections.
      In Australia, we are a little behing in that tech, alas I’ve never seen or heard a single example of a game streamed off a cloud (never mind playably lag free in real time)

    • V01C3_0F_R3A50N says:

      If you live in Australia then you’d know that the government is currently rolling out the NBN which will leapfrog current leading infrastructure in other countries. Who says that people are only interested using a remote play feature to play multiplayer games? Even if it ends up that it works perfectly fine for single/multiplayer/multimedia from a local connection, the same for single player and multimedia from a remote location and passable for multiplayer games that is still a more successful integration that its rivals and I for one would be perfectly happy with that.

      As far as all games working via Remote Play, the head of Sony Worldwide Studios said that all games would work EXCEPT Move games/dance games.

  6. Vera says:

    This is going to fail big time like the rest of Sony and PlayStation. Nobody cares about remote play that won’t work well anyway.
    Poor pauperfans will fall for Sony’s overhype every single time.

    • Kayoss says:

      Playstation a fail? Playstation 2 is the highest selling game console of all time. Ps3 is about to surpass the Xbox 360 in sales this gen. This is where you lost all your credibility. If you going to bash the playstation please bring some facts next time because you sound really stupid talking out of your ass. I’m not a Sony fanboy but your statement make you look like a dumbass.
      Microsoft almost stopped support for the Xbox 360, wii u pretty much not doing so well, the wii is no longer relevant, the 3ds is the only thing that is selling like hot cakes, and the vita is starting to pick up steam, and the ps3 is the second best seller around the world. Sony playstation is anything but a failure. I know who’s are failures… your mom and dad for not using protection when they had you. Giving birth to a hater like you is an epic fail.


    • Mr Koolaid says:

      Nah, I think everyone here doesn’t give two shits about what a moron like you thinks. Kill yourself

  7. j money says:

    Well we see if this is true I am a traveler and I take my ps3 and vita with me on the road all the time I would love that feature jus so I would only take my ps3 and vita on the road still and leave my ps4 at home this would benefit my lifestyle since I’m a travler but yes I also agreefor people who do not travel and work like I do the ps vita needs its own games I didn’t buy a vita jus to play ps 4 games I bought it to play ps vita games well they do say e3 will have vita games let’s hope so . So I dnt have this eventually becoming a paper weight

  8. mooseman_24 says:


  9. oo7PorscheMGS says:

    Awesome, I thought “remote play” was just around the house, I did NOT know this feature could be used from ANY Wi-Fi spot… That is friggen awesome…. I can be at a friend’s house and still play PS4 games anywhere…. genius. I love this feature and IF it works at all, I WILL be getting a PS Vita for the PS4 on the go. If SONY actually MARKET’s this feature, I think they can and will leave the competition in the dust. We still have to see what MS has with the next xbox, but I really don’t see anything bigger than this, for GAMERS. Awesome.

  10. Jordan Lind says:

    I own a PS1, 2, 3, PSP 1000, 3000 and Vita. I’ve been experimenting with Remote Play since the beginning on the PSP. I’ve never gotten it to work outside my house even once. There are certain router and port settings that have to be in place for it to work and if you’re dealing with a public hotspot, there’s no chance that those changes have been made.

    I can get it to work at home and it’s great, but it’s not all that remote.

    It’s a good idea, but it’s still a long way from working.

    • nerd says:

      It was a long way from working..on PSP. Now that it’s a core feature built into the PS4, it’s going to work.

  11. Legion says:

    Get your facts straight. SONY never claimed ALL PS4 games would be playable.

    And learn how to write.

    NOTE: inadvertently replied previously to The ‘Truth’ due to poor page layout.

  12. Jin says:

    you nay sayers are morons. Cloud gaming is proven to work. Think before you speak. It’ll save some of our brain space when we read your stupid comments.

    • Vera says:

      Cloud gaming has been proven to be lagging as f*ck and is the real always online DRM. PS fans have zero IQ.

    • JD says:

      @vera The only reason it is not doing well is because no one uses it as soon as we start using guiki for demos and the downloads it will start to work very well. And DRM?? yes you have to be online but DRM means that it is monitoring what you do (kind of) so that people don’t hack and pirate

  13. ChariotMan says:

    Sony can Not Do What Nintendoes! Wii U All The Way!

    • JD says:

      (facepalm) you do realize that Nintendo is going downhill right… they aren’t having an E3 conference and the wii U has sold about as much as the ps vita thats embarrassing because the Ps vita is a hand held. (hopfully ps vita sells well soon) Don’t get me wrong I adore smash bros I still play 64 with my friends but the future of Nintendo does not look bright

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