Mirror’s Edge 2 announced

EA’s E3 press conference just wrapped up and boy oh boy did they wrap it up. They ended the show by announcing Mirror’s Edge 2 for next gen consoles. In line with pretty much every game out this year, Mirror’s Edge 2 is yet another origin story. We’ll overlook that right now though because god dammit, it’s announced. The game is being develoepd by Dice and published by EA. Watch the announcement trailer below.

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  1. Bård A. Johnsen dFUSE says:

    Oh my, I almost fell off my chair hearing this!

  2. Bård A. Johnsen stat1cshade says:

    Widest grin on my face when this came on. Whats this about open world stuff ? it’s going to look amazing on frostbite 3

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