Is Hyper Light Drifter Sony’s next indie grab for PS4 & PS Vita?

UPDATE! Hyper Light Drifter is coming to PS4 and PS Vita! Shahid Kamal Ahmad confirmed this on twitter. If the question is “Hyper Light Drifter” the answer is hell yeah!”

UPDATE 2! As it turns out PS4 and PS Vita versions aren’t a done deal after all. Today a new stretch goal was added for $220K which will add these platforms.

“REVISION! I’d like for everyone to be able to get the version they want. If you have already contributed at the $10 tier, simply pledge an additional $5 and I’ll compose a survey after the campaign is over to determine which version you would like a key for. Cross-buy is undetermined for right now. If you have already contributed at $15 or more, you will be given the choice of PC, Linux, Mac, PS4 or Vita. That’s as simple as I can make it for now!”

As soon as delightful and awesome Hyper Light Drifter emerged on Kickstarter I backed the project and let Shahid Kamal Ahmad, Sony’s representative and all around super facilitator for signing indie games, know about how I would love to see it on PS4 and Vita. Moment later he responded with potentially great news:


Developer Heart Machine also published an update on Kickstarter saying the game might end up on PlayStation platforms:

“The game is planned for a mid 2014 release on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, currently, with a Steam release in the works! Depending on the stretch goals reached, I would love to get this on PS4 and Vita in the future. Other platforms are also a possibility, but again depends on the resources available at the end of the Kickstarter.”

Hyper Light Drifter got funded in less than a day and the prospects of it ending up on PS4 and PS Vita looks pretty damn great!

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