Lucasfilm will combine video games and movies in the next decade

Lucasfilm is claiming that over the next decade or so video game engines will be so advanced they can be used in film-making, rendering post-production obsolete. Real time effects and motion capture will be used in this new tech for movie making.

Lucasfilm’s chief technology strategy officer Kim Libreri said this about the new tech:

“Everyone has seen what we can do in movies, and I think most people will agree the video game industry is catching up quite quickly, especially in the next generation of console titles. I’m pretty sure within the next decade, we’re going to see a convergence in terms of traditional visual effects capabilities – making realistic fire, creatures, and environments – but working completely interactively. We think that computer graphics are going to be so realistic in real time computer graphics that, over the next decade, we’ll start to be able to take the post out of post-production; where you’ll leave a movie set and the shot is pretty much complete.”

This live demonstration shows a “performance capture stage” together with the game engine for Star Wars 1313.

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