The indie game round-up – what we played and what you can expect

Resogun (PS4)

Not only a snazzy looking game, but also my first experience with the DualShock 4. And truth be told, both are damn great. Housemarquee goes side-scroller for their PlayStation 4 debut in a game that posesses tough gameplay and georgeous graphics. The visual style is as crisp as you’d expect, and the level of detail is mindboggling. The first few times you blow up turrets at ground level will have your jaw drop. I can’t say much about level- and enemy variety yet, but the level I played gives a super impression of things to come. Resogun is a Plus freebie when PS4 launches in November, so there is absolutely no excuse not to play it.

Rain (PS3)

Rain is a puzzle platformer where your character is only visible when wet. This makes up a big part of the puzzle solving as you track down a mysterious girl while avoiding beasts and traverse obstacles. It’s a fine looking game with an interesting and neat narrative. Ambience is a big part of the game, and that got a bit lost in the setting I was playing the game. I look forward to playing the game in the comforts of my own home setup, and hopefully experience the immersion that Rain hints at.



Octodad (PS4)

A short and sweet taste of an absolutely hilarious game. Every bit of this game will make you laugh, and you might find it hard to stop. Its ridiculous premise and intuitive controls make for a very entertaining experience. Move support was recently announced and for the first time in ages I’m psyched to find out where I put the wands.



Helldivers (PS3)

The best way to describe Helldivers? A hardcore tough-as-nails top-down twin-stick 4-player shooter. Strategy plays a key role as you mow down bugs, some the size of a plane, while trying to complete missions and avoid friendly fire from three other players. Reviving your friends, calling in airstrikes and turrets are done by inputting konami-code-like codes, but beware, even a falling pod containing a turret can kill you. It can also take out enemies, so calling in support has an added layer of strategy to it. It is a tense and exciting game, but a tough one as well. Even on normal difficulty you are bound to get your ass kicked. Some one-use special weapons require two players to cooperate properly, as one will carry the ammo and one the gun itself. It looks to be a hard strategic game that will put you and three others to the challenge.


I got some good quality time with the games above, but also put my hand on some other titles. Contrast is a PS3/PS4 puzzle platformer where light and dark plays as big a role as the water in Rain. Your character can blend into the shadows and become one with them, which changes the way you approach the platforming. Another potentially great platformer is the charming Vita title Murasaki Baby that got a good showcasing at the Sony press conference. It utilizes touch controls in a way that doesn’t get in the way and has a great art style. Hohokum reminds me of a mix between PJ Eden and Noby Noby boy. It is strangely addictive and weird. The game will be out for PS3, PS4 and Vita. PS3/Vita side scrolling Counterspy has a neat art style and comes off as a good and stealthy platformer. It plays well and seems fun enough to warrant some attention. I only tried Doki-doki Universe on Vita, and I have to say it was awful; mostly because of the horrible framerate. I am sure this quirky game will play a lot better on PS3/PS4. Most people have seen a lot by Tearaway by now, but the next Vita adventure from Media Molecule is a lot of fun and pretty great looking. Easy controls and definitely one of the most charming titles bound for the handheld.


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