Get hyper-connected in Watch Dogs on May 27

To say Watch Dogs is anticipated is a slight understatement. The game has been a showcase for next-gen as long as we can remember, and come May 27 you will get your high tech hands all over it. The PS3/PS4 version even comes packed with 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay. Check out the brand new story trailer below.

In Watch_Dogs, Aiden Pearce, our clandestine vigilante, harnesses the smart city of Chicago using his smartphone. In addition to being a skilled hacker, Aiden can be quite persuasive in getting the information he needs using his wit, along with firearms, vehicles, and a stun baton. However, in his work Aiden stumbles upon a dark underworld he was never meant to see – the cost of which takes a deadly toll on his family.Mike Madavi, Content Marketing Manager, Ubisoft



  1. vaan14 says:

    Is there a playstation 4 bundle with watch dogs, if so, will it come to North America? Would be great to pick it up together.

    • Bård A. Johnsen dFUSE says:

      There was one before the game got delayed. Would be surprised if the same one didn’t pop up soon!

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