Wolfenstein: The New Order – Release info

Wolfenstein: The New Order for PS4 and PS3 is the latest in the Wolfenstein series. The first Wolfenstein  game  was called Castle Wolfenstein and it came out for Apple II, MS-DOS, Atari 400/800, Commodore 64  back in 1981. It’s a game of avoiding detection and managing limited resources while trying to escape from a Nazi stronghold. Combat was allowed, but bullets were precious, and non-violent options were often safer, such as pulling a gun on a guard and frisking him while his hands were raised. A sequel, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, was published in 1984.


The year is 1960 and the Nazi’s have won World War II. War hero B.J. Blazkowicz must launch an impossible counter-offensive against the monstrous Nazi regime that has conquered the globe. Intense, cinematic and rendered in stunning detail with id Software’s id Tech 5 engine, Wolfenstein sends players across Europe on a mission to bring down the Nazi war machine. Infiltrate their most heavily guarded facilities, battle high-tech Nazi legions, and take control of super-weapons that have conquered the earth and beyond.


Release dates

US: May 20, 2014       EU: May 20, 2014

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Launch trailer


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