Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Bullshots VS. In-game graphics comparison

In the very first teaser video for Assassin’s Creed: Unity Ubisoft showed off 18th Century France drenched in atmosphere with gorgeous reflections, sharp textures and painstaking details. Soon after screenshots began to see the light of day and they didn’t disappoint. How well do these bullshots that promoted the game hold up to the actual in-game graphics? Let’s find out.

Close-up face



Multiple characters

Rooftop view



  1. dFUSE stoned says:

    Thats a very cool comparison.. keep up the good work and give us more!

    • Jason says:

      Yeah, it really shows that the PS4 is weak hardware not up to the task.

    • Bobby says:

      @Jason – No, Ubisoft is a shitty developer, but I don’t expect a basement dweller such as yourself to utilize objective reasoning.

    • Nothing says:

      LOL! Thumbs Up!

    • Robin says:

      @Bobby, thumbs down. Poor dude, you can’t afford anything else than your peasant box can you?

    • Nobiek says:

      Indistation looking like it’s falling to it’s knees already … 900p@30fps on this ? Wow …

      Sony lowering texture details and removing dynamic shadows to achieve 1080p on multiplat games and fanboys falling for the same shitty hype since PS2, LOL !

  2. Bubmlebutt says:

    …That….that doesnt look as good as i thought…it doesnt even justify the system req O.o

  3. WPATEL says:

    Ubisoft: “Only one rendering operation of the engine!”

  4. Josh says:

    Wow, such a downgrade. Just like Watch Dogs. PS4 just can’t handle it with its poor hardware.

    • Fran says:

      Xbone would explode then. Thank goodness I won’t be buying one then. Ps4 it is. Thanks for saving me money! :D

    • reza says:

      yes , right !
      OOOOOOPS ….! ubi$oft did it again !

      the lighting engine is poor and isnt that they show us in E3 !
      lighting generation isnt the new generation !
      on consoles in this case !

      but ubi$oft shows , you cant trust to them !
      and the pc version is the same to console version !

    • MS fanboy says:

      Dude, seriously, shut it, stop being a d*ckhead. Nobody sai anything about the PS4 being able to do the bullshots. Except your pathetic a$$. and its not like the PC version is going to be looking any better. It’ll just have higher res and a little bit higher quality effects and textures. But its not going to look like the bullshots. And just look at the requirements, Pathetic! And we all know the X1 will be even worst overall, so i dont wanna hear it.

    • George says:

      Dude, why blame the PS4… AC Unity ain’t the 1st game to be release on the PS4.. Blame the devs for such the downgrade…

    • George says:

      Dude, why blame the PS4… AC Unity ain’t the 1st game to be released on the PS4.. Blame the devs for such downgrade… Man! Ubisoft is really becoming the worst company… But since I love the series I will be purchasing the game.. Pre ordered already .

    • SassyBlackGamer says:


      If you think PS4 can’t handle it, I’d like to see how you’d react when the X1 fails just as bad. People like you are the reason why gaming can’t just be about enjoyment anymore.
      Take your fanboy filth elsewhere.

      Btw, the only “decent’ version will be the PC one, after the modding community picks up the slack… AGAIN.

    • Tosh says:

      Its the same resolution and I’m sure even worse looking on xbone so STFU xtot.

    • noel says:

      are you stupid? Sony always beat Microsoft into the ground with 1080p, so how do come to that conclusion. obviously your an xbox freak.

  5. Matthew Bishop says:

    This proves parity.

    The original PS4 1080p screen shots, with the forced Xbox one parity 900p budget ones.

    Why?? We have a professional GPU on the PS4,
    not the weak budget tv focused gpu of the xbox. Those users want to Skype and
    watch tv, they are happy with 720p-900p budget graphics, we are gamers so make
    the unforced 1080p version on the PS4, the real gamers!

    • zaibatsu says:

      Face it, PS4 GPU is nowhere near “professional”. It’s just a weak laptop radeon from 2011 with weak AMD tablet cores. Yes, a bit better than xbox but still underpowered. Even $120 PC radeon 260X card meant for budget gaming beats the crap out of PS4. Nextgen is a joke, both companies cheaped out. Expect more disappointments like this.

    • George says:

      Zaibatsu , dude grow up you can’t compare console with pc it’s just a known fact pc can be upgraded where console adapt and get better with the technology they are released with.

    • Lord-Nicon says:

      Careful with the “Extra” PS4 GPU Power, remember the extra SPU on the Cell PS3 processor? the one that was there and everyone used to say “wait untill Sony activates it”, the PS4 might have “a lot of mores” of like GCN and ROPS, but saying the GPU is able to use them all is another story… more doesn’t mean always better and in this case the question is “Can really the ps4 gpu handle all the things”? remember that this is a cheaper model of old pc’s GPU.

    • noel says:

      someone with some scene. people talking about ps4 being weak, man where them fools been hiding. haven’t people seen time and time again that ps4 has been pushing out 1080p all day long and Xbone has only managed 700p 900p period.

  6. devast8ndiscodave says:

    MS fanboy, The pc will look exactly like those screenshots when switched to 4k resolution.

  7. lk says:

    The game was never going to look like those before shots, they are pre rendered cut scene shots from the cinematic trailers. Ubisoft has had cinematic trailers for all Assassins creed games that never looked like the finished gameplay so why a big deal now. Square enix do the same all the time with final fantasy not to mention nearly every game company. Some people just want to hate for the sake of it.

  8. Hunter of Stupidity says:


    Man you’re so stupid that yoiu shouldn’t be allowed to speak online. First off, show the laptop in price range of PS4 from 2011 which has stronger video card ?! Then about the Radeon R7 260X before you write some bullshit information you better check if they’re correct bcuz other idiots(many of them on this planet) will spread the false information all over the internet and that’s how stupidity spread….OMG

    PS4 graphic chip is based on Radeon HD 7870 which scores 4200points(GTX660 has 4100 and I do not know any laptop even from 2012 with such high a graphic score in price below 1200$). Why people do not react for sptupidity?? You want some day whole planet of dummies.

    Sorry for spelling but I’m not a natvie english speaking.

    • Buggym says:

      PS4 GPU isn’t exactly HD 7870. Desktop HD 7870 has 1280 SPU (instead of 1120 in PS4) and much higher clocks, that means PS4 is weaker than HD 7870. Sony console is comparable to overclocked HD 7850.

    • Robin says:

      Correct Byggym, it’s WEAK!

  9. Staind95 says:

    Don’t blame consoles, blame ubisoft!
    Watch dogs never looked as good as the gameplay they showed us at e3 2013 even on PC! not even close! SO PLEASE DON’T BE A FILTHY FANBOY AND BLAME UBISOFT

    • Robin says:

      Wrong, it did look like that on PC once the mod community unlocked the stuff Ubisoft purposefully locked to make it look the same as on the weak PS4 hardware.

    • Bobby says:

      @Robin – What are you doing on a Playstation website? Just trolling? Your opinions are asinine and worthless.

      Ubisoft is a garbage dev that doesn’t know how to properly optimize their games. You blame the PS4 then say that modders have to fix the PC version. You’re obviously not very bright.

    • Robin says:

      Your obviously low IQ. Modders didn’t have to fix anything, they only had to unlock it. It was already in the game. Your PoS4 is holding back real advances in gaming with its low end entry level hardware. Cry some more because you can’t afford any better.

    • Robin says:

      You’re, stupid autocorrect.

  10. Staind95 says:

    @zaibatsu dude don’t drink beer before you post anything online! you are sooooo drunk

  11. Ricardio says:

    LOL at all these comments about PS4 being unable to handle the original vision of the game. Did you guys completely gloss over Ubisoft’s handling of Watch_Dogs? This isn’t a case of “PS4 can’t handle these graphics” it’s “Ubisoft is leading you around by a leash.” And you’re falling for it. AGAIN.

    If you think Unity will look anything like the E3 videos on PC then you are actually insane. Maybe someone will find the secret shaders buried in the files like they did Watch_Dogs, or maybe not now that Ubisoft knows you’ll be looking for them. But face it, Ubisoft is a master of the bait and switch bullshot.

  12. PeasantEducator says:

    Watch the nVidia video on the PC tech for ACUnity. You’ll see that those screenshots or ‘bullshots’ as you put it are very similar to the PC version. You can even see they’re using things like tesselation and HBAO+ in those ‘bullshots’.

    This is more like PC vs PS4.

    • Ricardio says:

      The same can be said of Watch Dogs. Don’t forget your history or you’ll be disappointed in the end.

    • Bobby says:

      What is up with all the PC trolls on this site? Good god. I play mainly on PC, but you guys are just fucking stupid.

      Unity will look like the bullshots on PC- just like Watch Dogs? You must have a short memory.

    • Robin says:

      You must have even shorter memory. It did, once we unlocked all the developer locked options.

  13. brett says:

    ahh. brings me back to ps3.

  14. bongo says:

    Thank you M$ aka the cancer for money hating the sabotage of this industry.

  15. master race says:

    to every retard that changed the topic from Gae Graphics to talk about a weak ps4 hardware

    1- ubisoft showed Assassins creed unity running on PC at e3 (same s Watch Dogs)
    2- XBOX one has shit RAM and GFX therefor the game will be gimped to run equally on both shitty console (same as they did with watch dogs)
    3- a modder will ind a hidden line of code, enables it and bring assassins Unity o look the same as the bullshots on PC
    4- 10% of gaming community will be abl to play with those bullshot GFXon their 2000$ PC and i doubt they will get more then 30 frames out of it.

    now shut up and enjoy the game and blame ubisoft management.

  16. ihateuall says:

    first of all that is a terrible conparison. you show a picture of a street with beautiful sunlight shining on it from the trailer and compare it to a street fully covered in shadow. seriously, are you stupid?
    then you compare coop characters to npcs (by the way on that ingame picture you see some of the beautiful light that you should have been comparing before)
    and it seems that all of the stupid commenters here have ignored the only good comparison on this page which is the ballrooom. and that looks ingame exactly like it looks on the previously released picture.
    that’s all I wanted to say. keep whining about your terrible graphics downgrades that don’t exist but I’m just going to enjoy my game istead.

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