Far Cry 4 on PS4 – Bullshots VS. Actual in-game graphics comparison

Far Cry 4 for PS4 is set in the beautiful, lush Kyrat. This exotic open world is packed with details and atmosphere but Ubisoft has been known for bending the truth when it comes to releasing bullshots.

How well do these bullshots that promoted the game hold up to the actual in-game PS4 graphics? Let’s have a look.

Elephant scene

Man with passport


Pagan Min standing

Pagan Min sitting

  1. manoj says:

    The monkey looks better In PS4 in-game actual shot.

  2. t says:

    its not bullshot its the pc version.

  3. Gabriel says:

    Don’t jump on me fanbois but we all know bullshots are heavily doctored versions of in-game screenshots and from my experience even PC versions don’t compare to the bullshots.

    But that being said I can honestly tell the visuals are amazing and look exactly the same as the bullshots if not a little better. Though I heard somewhere that the FOV was downgraded.

  4. t says:

    Yes PS4 Screenshots hence mid range pc.

  5. Dtoxz says:

    Damn, looks like this game has a photo mode too lol.

  6. Diago says:

    In no way does the PS4 version look that! blurry on a screenshot this small.
    1080P screens do not blurr like this and so this article is miss information.

  7. Robin says:

    Not surprising it’s a downgrage again. The PS4 is a low end to mid end gaming PC equivalent at max. It’s too poor to run the newer games with all the options the PC has.

  8. GameplayIsMoreImportantThanGraphics says:

    This comparision is a joke. The PS4 pics are 720p while the E3 pics are 1080p……

  9. Dangerfield says:

    Why are you comparing screens from a cut scene? These aren’t rendered in the game engine numnut.

    • wizedo says:

      Cutscenes are rendered in real time using the game engine. They just have predetermined camera, fx and “actors” movements.
      As a matter of fact, digging into the graphical settings file you can find a section regarding cut scenes which boost some parameters and lower some others (eg. fx up, shadows down).

      Anyway, the bullshots are taken from a maxed out engine setup, higher than pc default ultra settings, photoshopped to enhance dynamic range, antialiasing and all the extra eye candy.

  10. PS4ORXBOKS says:

    Obvious thing is that the original intro was an in-game engine movie, but because of these “nextgen” consoles that can’t handle real graphics, they had to prerender the video on PC. And to simplify the crossplatform data package they just replaced the in-game movie with the video on all platforms…
    oh snap… u didn’t even notice that you’re trying to compare mp4 video… it’s all because of you, console fanboys.

    • wizedo says:

      I agree, sort of, but the intro and all the cut scenes are still rendered in real time. There’ s no video file playing there, that’ s why you see that huge difference. Mind you, even pc version is not up to that original shots but config files can be tweaked to set the engine at it s max

  11. Tacoo says:

    My PC graphics look like these. Partially bugged for me though.
    I am playing on High – Very_High.

    AMD FX 4300 @ 4.8 ghz
    Sapphire Radeon 6770 1G
    4gb Ram
    1TB HDD w/ Win8.1

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