Twitch users voice their opinions about game-breaking glitches and bugs in Assassin’s Creed: Unity


While we wait for the Assassin’s Creed: Unity reviews to arrive, here’s a recap of what the Twitch community had to say about the game.


Monberg123: Wow this game is so bugged!

Basvhout: Holy shit this looks so bad

Randomrequest19_: so many bugs

Temporal_paradox: It looks exactly the same as the rest, only somehow MORE broken

Agirman15: Is this like the aplha version or something? It seems unfinished

Soundwave_46: goodness … why is this so broken ??? wow !

Marrow_: Looks really weird when you jump, you elevate when you are mid air like you’re floating upwards and gravity doesn’t exist.

Kimosabe0: It’s pretty impressive how Ubisoft can make a game progressivly buggier in a series

Funkmonk: I’ll pick this up in a year at the bargain bin for $10, it’s worth about that. Maybe.

Rooah711: Good job, you finished the tutorial, and only fell under the map once!

1ohn: even without audio issues, the game has a lot to laugh about

Areshyolo: textures Kreygsm

Soundwave_46: is this the ac unity alpha ?

Marrow_: We’ve encountered like 11 bugs in the first hour of the game, sorta says a lot.

Deepbluereason: game looks like a buggy mess on day 1…personally I’m shocked that this game would be released in such a state

Jasper8282: Man this game is just buggy beyond belief…

Onionbro_of_catarina: The cool thing about AC is that you can explain all glitches as in-game Animus glitches

Tjobb0: Textures from 2000, gj ubisoft

Xalaricx: screen too big, cant read subtitles, immersion ruined

Stopthedrop37: It sounds like he’s walking on grass in minecraft

Kauzman: Dude looks like he’s running through water.

211trill: ac unity where we dont have free roam coop only coop missions

Frank_hoenedge: where is the destruction?

Mohr_tv: lol why even play a game if the difficulty is set to easy

211trill: holy sht screen tear

Playtoe_: even the cutscenes have fps drops lol

Funkmonk: The UI is too big and distracting. Hopefully you can disable the different parts of it.

Abnerf2014: terrible so bad

Outerlaw: I see they still have not fixed the control issues…

Fappypandabear: this game looks like shit

Joshthescot: Shitty framerate inc LOL

Asmexypickle: Stop playing it… It’s not worth playing anymore

Atherma: officially not buying this game


  1. Nothing says:

    This is what happens when you want to shell out a game every year, I bet they knew this game was incredibly buggy and needed to stay in house for a few more months but because they need to put out one every year they had to push it out.

    I bet they said to themselves “Don’t worry will fix it with the update patches” now we don’t have to wonder why they couldn’t actually make the game run at 1080p and that’s because it could barely run at the resolution that it’s in.

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