The Order: 1886 takes 18 hours to beat on hardest difficulty and more

With early copies of The Order: 1886 out in the wild it was only a matter of time until somebody beat the game. A user with an early review copy did just that, finished the game on the hardest mode in 18 hours.


What can I say? Game is amazingly well-crafted in practically all aspects. Gameplay is tight, visuals are amazing and oh boy, alternate London setting is just overwhelming. Yes, the cinematic feeling is there from framing to lighting to narrative, but the gameplay is as good as any other good old classic TPS game, even better. I’m a big fan of Gears Of War, loved all four entries (Judgment too, had a blast playing it a year ago), but.. this.. THE ORDER 1886, is the superior game. For me, it is the defining TPS of this generation, can’t see any similar game doing better in the next few years at least. Kinda bitting my tongue here but, get ready for plenty of surprises because non of the trailers tell much.RoswellRAD

He also has nice things to say about the OST:

Forgot to mention one core aspect of the storytelling: EPIC SOUNDTRACK. and I mean GOOSEBUMPS EPIC.RoswellRAD

He continues to talk about enemies, characters and replay value:

A.I.: Hardest mode was… that, it was hard. A.I. is interesting but could’ve been improved. Some enemies try to escape, that was a nice touch.
Characters: They’re fantastic. Though there’s room for more character development in further entries.
Replay: Yes, yes it is, especially if you first played it on an easier difficulty.RoswellRAD

The Last of Us still reigns supreme:

Overall narrative and gameplay blend pretty good. I don’t think it reaches the levels of TLOU but The Order was good enough IMHO. There are alternate pathways but it depends, some acts are quite direct and linear, but there are some with big enough areas to explore, and different ways to approach enemies.RoswellRAD

So there you have it, please take this information with a healthy grain of salt as it is impossible to confirm that this information is 100% correct at this time.

The Order 1886 takes 18 hours to beat on hardest difficulty

  1. Randy says:

    More overhype that will fail to deliver. I’m pretty sure someone will complete it in 4-5 hours or so.

    • DarthDiggler says:

      Don’t buy it and kindly STFU and crawl back under your bridge troll.

      Most games can be beat quickly if you put them on Easy. The Order won’t be unique there.

    • Randy says:

      Oh shit, I made a PS Poor person cry again. No biggie, they fail at real life constantly.

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