ZombiU resurfaces as Zombi on PS4

Oh man, we’re screwed. Well, you Londoners are anyway. ZombiU for the Wii U was a hit, and rumors of the game showing up on other platforms have been bobbing right under the surface for some time now, and here we are. This new version of Zombi will benefit from obvious improvements like better loading times, but a whole lot of care has been taken when moving the game from a platform with its own dedicated second screen device used for features in the game. Perhaps most notably is the map and inventory which used to be on the second screen. The map has been turned into a minimap, but the inventory system works pretty much the same way, except it’s on your regular screen now. It still won’t pause the game, so whatever you have to find in there, do it fast. Other tweaks include improved control scheme, wider field of view (which can be altered) and changes to how the flashlight works. You also get two new weapons to smack zombies over the head with; a shovel and a spiked bat. It’s gonna get messy.

The local multiplayer mode in which one player could use the pad to place out enemies while the other tried desperately to survive, has been removed due to its second screen nature. Other than that though you’ll be getting the full Wii U experience. Are you up for saving London?


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