Capcom celebrates 20 years of Resident Evil by making a game no one asked for

That doesn’t mean it’ll be horrible though. Umbrella Corps is a third-person multiplayer shooter set in the world of Resident Evil. It is mostly gun- and grenade based but you also get some fun stuff to poke a hole in people’s head with like the Brainer. While there’s a slew of modes to pick and choose from, the only announced one is One Life match mode which gives you exactly that, one life. So make the best of it. Maps will be inhabited by various zombies as well, so you can either mess up and get eaten or use them to your advantage against the enemies. Nothing says warfare like a zombie meat shield. Each round is said to be rather short but brutal, probably aiming for that just-one-more-round itch that games like Rocket League is so good at.

The game will be out on the PlayStation 4 next year, but check out the trailer and screens for some first impressions. Is this something you’d want to play? Let us know!


  1. It’s total nonsense in my opinion

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