The Star Wars Battlefront season pass looks a little something like this

Happy Star Wars year, fans. With Battlefront out next week and the new movie out in a mere month, you’re a mad person not to be excited. Even if you’re not a fan of the franchise you’re still a little bit mad because I said so. But first things first, which is Battlefront and of course its inevitable season pass. Contrary to some games, here is an actual list of content coming so you don’t have sit there and wonder what you’re paying for. The first DLC will drop early next year, so there’s time to get acquainted with the who’s and what’s of the impending release before embarking on new stuff. The content will be split across 4 expansion packs.

· Over 20 new pieces of galactic tech including weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards for both Rebels and Imperials
· 4 more heroes and villains for you to fight as or against
· 16 additional multiplayer maps featuring new locations
· 4 exciting new game modes
· Two-week early access to each expansion pack
· Exclusive “Shoot First” emote

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