Here’s a lot of old PS2 games ripe for replay on your PS4

There’s a time and place to put up a trailer and sometimes people mess up. The previous one got pulled rather fast, but here’s a properly published trailer depicting a whole bunch of games that you’ll be able to replay soon through PS2 emulation on your PS4. The games support trophies, they are all bumped up to 1080p and you can stream/share play the hell out of them as well.

What titles are you hoping will be available from the PS2 catalogue, and perhaps even more important, are you willing to pay again to play them?

  1. gtfo…make backwards compatibility a reality …either that or some games worth playing

  2. MSgt Tom says:

    I’m not paying it, I already owned the physical disc so no need to pay for this. I want to play my disc on my ps4 now!

  3. Freddy Mo says:

    The Mark of Kri was so good.

  4. It’s not worth $10/month for this service…. Just flip a switch for PS1-3 compatibility!!!

  5. Tim Bowen says:

    I wouldny pay 5$ to play any of those titles, you kidding me

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