Blade Ballet – Where robots go to dance and die

It’s sort of good to see that when we as a species is wiped off the face of the earth, robots will actually take responsibility to impose some restriction on their own population. Questions might arise as to why they are doing it through the art of spinning furiously around while armed with blades that may or may not be against health regulations. But who are we to judge, we’re extinct after all.

That’s the premise of Blade Ballet, a game in which you control a robot with a lethal attachment and the will to survive. Time your rotation correctly and you’ll dish out the necessary damage that brings you one step closer to a win, all while avoiding your competitors as well as whatever environmental hazards the current level might inhabit.

Blade Ballet will be out this spring and is being developed by DreamSail Games. If the screens and trailer below is anything to go by they seem like fun people.

  1. Kevin says:

    We are fun people, I swear!

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