The creators of Burnout and Black is making a game about golf and explosions

It’s quite obvious when you start to think about it, isn’t it? Where would you go after the rubber-burning mayhem of Burnout and the explosive extravaganza of Black? Golf, of course!

Dangerous Golf is not about the usual golf stuff you come to expect from the sport, but rather leaning in the direction of total carnage. Like a long crash combo, the level of destruction will increase as you keep your ball hitting everything in its way, sometimes while it’s on fire. Arenas spread from indoor to outdoor and there’s a whopping 100 holes to get through across four different locations including a medieval castle, rural gas station, kitchen hotel and a glittering palace ballroom. The game also features on- and offline multiplayer with support for two to eight players.

Three Fields Entertainment was started by Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry after they left Criterion Games in 2014, and is the first game to come out of their new company. Dangerous Golf is hitting the green in May, so bring your best club and friends over for what might turn up to be a smashing good time.

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