Go deep, go dark with The Bunker

Don’t you miss the days of highly compressed live action games like Under a Killing Moon and Phantasmagoria? No? You got a point. While they were fun, you’d be zipping some serious liquids to make the claim that they hold up today without being hit smack in the middle of the face by the nostalgia train shortly after.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for these games, it’s just that the standards have increased a tiny bit. Take Her Story for example, it’s amazing. Anyway, in comes The Bunker from Splendy Games. It’s a psychological horror story taking place in a bunker in England. Things seems to go a bit pear-shaped when bombs start dropping, and after an incident you’re forced further down the bunker with all its secrets and horror-like stuff. I’m not sure I have the pants for this.

The Bunker is purely live action, and in it you get to meet actors from The Hobbit (Adam Brown), Penny Dreadful (Sarah Greene), Game of Thrones (Grahame Fox) and Star Wars (Jerome St. John Blake).

It will be out this summer and it looks quite terrifying as evidenced by the screenshots below.

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