If you ever dreamt of being a racecar driver, apparently Project Cars 2 is IT

After reading the press release for the official announcement of Project Cars 2, it becomes very apparent that any sign of modesty has been permanently vaporized by a severe case of burnout.

With that said, Project Cars 2 should be the be all, end all of video games in the racing genre. We’re talking leading-edge visuals, precise car physics and realistic AI among other things. There will be dynamic weather, seasonal effects, track surface conditions and perhaps most importantly: cars.

Project CARS 2’s authentic presentation of motorsports racing isn’t just cutting edge, it surpasses the cutting edge. No other driving game or racing title can approach Project CARS 2’s level of visual fidelity, real-world physics, and intelligent driver A.I. These features combined with dynamic weather and track effects, refined controls, and an authentic love of competitive eSports guarantees players will be able to live-out their racing aspirations on multiple gaming platforms.Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing at Bandai Namco Entertainment America.


No pressure then. Project Cars 2 will be out late this year.

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