You might not be a pro at Rocket League, but it sure does get some pro support next week

Yepp, you missed again. Now it’s bouncing all the way back towards your own goal. But that doesn’t matter, starting next week you can watch the ball go the wrong way in 4k resolution. That’s 4 times the humiliation you would otherwise get!

Okay, so maybe not everyone is horrible at Rocket League, but it’s still getting some content shoved into its engine block on February 21st. Owners of a PS4 Pro will be happy to learn that the game will support 4k resolution at 60fps in all arenas in single- and two player split screen modes. More than that and it will support 60fps in most arenas. If you don’t have a pro you’ll get a steady 60fps and 1080p in all arenas. The same rules apply for more than two players on this resolution as well. The enhancements are being developed by Panic Button.

Some additional content dropping at the same time are the premium Hot Wheels cars, new item drops, technical improvements on PS4 and bugfixes to make life just a tiny bit better.

Are you still into Rocket League?

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