Firmware 4.50 for the PS4 is out tomorrow with boost mode and external HDD support

It’s been in beta for the last few weeks, but tomorrow is the day when everyone out there will be able to enjoy the goodies packed into the 4.50 update for PS4.

I’ve written about its content before, but I don’t mind mentioning some of them again:

Boost mode
Boost mode is only available on the PS4 Pro, and what it does is take all those good old games you have and pump some juice into them. This will in no way affect how the game looks, but it could make wonders on how the game runs. Increased or steadier frame rates as well as shorter load times are some of the benefits. Some games might find the notion of being boosted a bit of an annoyance, and can act up accordingly, and in such cases you can simply turn it off.

External HDD support
Games and apps can now reap the benefits of an external harddrive. It will of course eat up one of your USB ports, but remember that you have one hidden at the back of your PS4 in cases like these (or VR!). The drive will need to be USB 3 and the PS4 will handle up to 8TB. Games and apps can be moved between internal and external storage as you see fit.

PS VR improvements
Having your screen look weird when you’re done being Batman is now history with this update. Cinematic mode also gets a refresh rate update from 90 to 120 on small/medium screen size settings. And last, a new breath of life for your dusty 3D blu-rays which you now can watch with the headset on.

Quick up-/download of savegames
This is a godsend. With a simple click on the option button while hovering a game you can up- or download your savegames. Hooray!

But wait, there’s more!
Sure there is. Remote play now supports voice chat, an icon next to the avatar on the friend list will display if the user is on a mobile device, custom wallpapers, GIF support and more.

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