Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2 announced

Do you have any idea what happens next month? Yes, E3. Do you know what happens prior to E3? Everything is announced.

This day is no different as Ubisoft has cheekily announced The Crew 2 and Far Cry 5 on their forums, trying to pry out information from their users like “are you ready?” and alluring to the fact that we enjoy octane. The nerve.

Not only are their forums filled with announcements, but Assassin’s Creed twitter account in existence is now teasing the next era of Assassin’s Creed as well. These games will probably hit next year, with more info surely surfacing next month, if not earlier.

Which one of these is up your alley?

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  1. The crew 2 j’ai trop hâte en vrai

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