New game+, ultra hard mode, new facepaint and trophies available for Horizon Zero Dawn

If you’ve been dying to get back to some dinobot-hunting, but have used the upcoming expansion as an excuse to wait, today’s patch might just be the reason you need to return to Horizon Zero Dawn.

The 1.30 patch, released today, adds a new game+ mode where you get you keep all your stuff while embarking on the adventure from the very beginning. No additional levels are added, so you’re stuck at 50, but the sound of hard earned XP will still ring gently in your ears. Weapons and outfits will get an extra ability slot, but apparently it won’t be cheap.

There is also a new difficulty mode called Ultra Hard. Once chosen you can’t back down to a lesser difficulty, so this it if you’re going all in. Your enemies will have better senses and player health regen is limited among other tweaks.

If you thought your focus looked dull (it doesn’t), you know have the ability to change its appearance along with some nice new facepaint for Aloy if you’re so inclined. For trophy hunters there are two new trophies to collect, and for people who just want to finish the game – some progression bugs have been squashed.

All in all a pretty solid update for one of PlayStation 4’s best games.

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