Onrush is vehicular madness at the speed of light

In case you missed it, Evolution studios is no more, but the people behind the name found a new home at Codemasters – and right now that is very good news for fans of the Motorstorm/Driveclub developers. Watching the trailer I imagine the fine people over at Codemaster just told them, as they entered the doors at their new-found offices, to go sit somewhere and make what you want to make. Onrush might be that thing. With the wildness of Motorstorm and the speed from Driveclub, Onrush seems like a completely bonkers racing game which is all about causing havoc and look good while doing it.

Every action you take is just means to an end, in this case the rush meter, which when triggered sends you flying – and I imagine – completely out of control. It looks like the vehicles from Motorstorm took the wrong turn and ended up in Trackmania, and that’s fine by me.

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