Dark Souls: Remastered brings death, dlc and 60fps to PS4 on May 25th

Dark Souls is back, and while not through another sequel, definitely with vengeance. The remaster will feature updated graphics, HDR and running at a silky smooth 60fps (on a Pro). In addition you will also get the Artorias of the Abyss DLC for some more content once you’re done punishing yourself.

It will also increase co-op support from 1-4 players to 6, which means an increased amount of potential backstabbing. Choose your friends carefully.

The remaster will be out on May 25th this year, so get those swords and spells ready.

  1. Would much rather see a Demon’s Souls remaster… guess am the only one who enjoyed it more?! 😅

    • If Demon’s is forever tied as an exclusive, I can see why they would go for the cross-platform choice. I know people would love a Demon’s remaster, but maybe the audience is too narrow for it to pay off? It’s not too late though!

    • Its not to narrow of an audience… its the game that spawned the way of dark souls.

    • I’m not disagreeing, on the contrary. My point was just in the context of a Dark Souls remaster having 4 x the potential reach due to Demon’s platform exclusivity. Makes more sense businesswise. I’d much rather see Demon’s remastered.

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