Burnout Paradise Remastered races onto PS4 on March 16

It is clearly unfair to remaster a previous game of the generation (subjective opinion, but you’re wrong if you disagree) on the current set of consoles, because it will probably be the best game there as well. Or perhaps not. You and I can decide that on March 16, but until then, revel in the news that a remaster of Burnout Paradise is coming to PS4 next month.

With 4k support and 60fps, Criterion Games and Electronic Arts promises that this is surely the way it is meant to be played, and brings along all previously released DLC including Big Surf Island. With the gameplay being as sublime as it is, there’s nothing left to touch. I can’t bloody wait to do everything all over again.

  1. It’s not even the best burnout

  2. Laura Hervalejo Farinós akest tanira be es de pegar cops a nes altres cotxos

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