You can supersample the PS4 5.50 firmware beta today

We love those numbers going up, because it usually means there’s a new menu option to click on, and firmware 5.50 for the PS4 is no different. The firmware, which is currently in beta, hosts a whole bunch of new features that you may or may not like, but I’m going to list them here anyway:

Play Time Management
Parental controls is getting an expansion in the form of play time management. You can set time limits for your kids which logs the user out when time’s up. There will be notifications underway so the user knows how much time is left. You can tweak the limit through the web portal before, during or after playtime.

Custom wallpapers through USB
If you’re not happy with the themes and wallpapers at your offering, you can now import your very own through a USB stick. Just slap’em on a stick with a folder called IMAGES and you’re good to go. You can even do some minor tweaking before you impress your friends with your choice.

UI improvements
Filters are added to your library so you can see what you have installed on the PS4 you’re currently using, and what you’ve purchased in general through your PSN ID. There is also a separate tab for Plus which lists your game collection. If you decide to opt out of Plus, the games will be marked with a lock until you see the light again. Last, but not least, you can hide apps if you prefer to not to see them – or for some reason find it extremely hard to just delete it. There are also some tweaks to the quick menu to gain faster access to your custom friend list.

Supersampling mode on PS4 Pro
If you took a half-step towards 4K by getting a PS4 Pro but forgetting that you should have a new TV as well, there’s now supersampling. This display option will make games render at a higher resolution than your current TV can support, but downscale it to match. This means a little bit more crispness in your life. Just like the boost option, the performance on games can differ.

What else? I’m sure there are secrets in there that people will eventually discover, but a few more tidbits are available in 5.50:
– Notifications update: Delete old notifications. Should ease up on the clutter.
– Background music on PlayStation Now: Play what you want while using PlayStation Now. Just remember that not all games support this.

If you’re in the beta, enjoy the new additions. If not, well, read the list again and decide what you’re looking forward to the most.

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