The Division 2 announced

The Division you play today is a completely different beast than the one some of you, me included, played when it launched exactly two years ago. For whatever reason, I never really got into it and fell off pretty hard. It’s on me to never get back in and give it another chance, but for those who stuck with it, times have been great. With tons of new features, DLC, modes and gear, this has been a game that kept on giving.

And with what I imagine is a pretty steady and devoted following, there is no surprise that Ubisoft just announced their plans for the sequel with The Division 2. The game is being developed not only by Massive, but a whole heap of Ubi’s internal studios including Reflections, Red Storm and more. The announcement is pretty light on details, but they have provided a roadmap for the future of the current game which includes activities that will unlock content in the sequel. In other words, there’s still a lot to come for The Division prior to the next chapter.

You can read the complete announcement here.

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