We Just Played: Jettomero (PS4) – In which we save the universe

Jettomero is a quirky, physics based sort-of-but-maybe-not-a-platformer which is really just an adventure where you play a huge robot clumsily stumbling across planets trying not to break everything. Does that sound fun? Because it is. While you might want to invert your horizontal controls, everything else about the Unity-developed Jettomero is a pure joy. Well, at least the parts I played. It might become a bit repetitive, but I can’t really say more until I play it more. Between finding new planets to save, and gathering fuel to travel further, you encounter big protective robots that you’ll have to defeat with a button-pressy minigame, as well as text puzzles that lets you delve deeper into who you are and why you are doing what you’re doing.

To catch ther first 30 minutes of Jettomero, feel free to watch the video below (and subscribe!).

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