Dimension Drive gets limited physical release on PS4 in Asia

The rather sleek looking shoot’em up Dimension Drive, previously only released on Switch and Steam, is getting a limited physical release in Asia, courtesy of Eastasiasoft. And before your heart sinks when you hear words like limited and Asia – there will be a digital release at a later point for other regions. Rejoice! And if you really prefer the physical thing, it’s region free.

It features a split-screen playing field which you can switch between at your leisure when you need to get out of the heat, or right into it if that’s what you prefer. You can play solo or co-op across 4 difficulty modes, and it comes packed with new game+ and leaderboards so there’s apparently no lack of content if this tickles your fancy.

The limited release goes live on Play Asia on April 19th and there will be 2000 copies to grab (for everyone, not you alone. Sharing is caring, ok?). There are no details or date yet on the digital release, but I’ll make sure to shout about it when that information is available.

For more screenshots and info, check out the game page.

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