Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ditches single-player campaign for battle royale and tons of zombies

If you ever dove into Call of Duty for its tightly directed, slightly linear and a times experimental single-player campaign, you will have to sit down and make a choice with this year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Developer Treyarch is not delivering one of those with their next iteration in their Black Ops series.

What’s on the table instead? First of all a huge Zombies offering for those who clamor that mode. 3 seemingly big zombies campaign called IX, Voyager of Despair and Blood of the Dead will provide new characters, easter eggs, more customization, difficulty levels and a new mode called Zombie Rush. I guess that one has a lot of zombies rushing you?

The perhaps inevitable and least surprising part of their tell-all event is that Black Ops 4 will come with a battle royale mode called Blackout. It features a map 1500 times bigger than Nuke Town, and you will get to battle it out in air, on the ground and in the sea with heaps of recognizable characters. They have so far refused to actually say the number of players that will participate in Blackout, so whether it’s what you’ve come to expect (100) or less is yet to be announced. It’s quite the leap from 32 to 100 players so I’m not too optimistic, but then again, they seem to shout a whole lot of big words about Blackout, so who knows?

In other details, Specialist returns, pick 10 is back and so are heaps of tweaks and changes to the combat system along with new maps and modes.

Is zombies and battle royale all it takes to dive into the next Call of Duty, or is the lack of a single-player campaign a deal breaker?

  1. One less customer to buy your COD game Treyarch. (Waves the finger) …and….walks out .

  2. They’ve added variety to the game? Call of duty has changed and this is going to be a huge step forward if they get it right. They have billions of dollars and they will make it the best they can if not better than better. If they get it right it will be the #1 game to sell on all platforms of 2018.

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