Fallout 76 announced – might not be what you expect

Bethesda has been teasing Fallout this week, and while most of the theories have been pointing towards either a Fallout 3 remake or a spin-off story like New Vegas, all that was cleared up today when Fallout 76 was almost properly announced with a teaser trailer. Almost? Yeah, there’s little to no information about the game.

What we do know is that vault 76 has been mentioned in previous games like Fallout 4, so the lore is, you know, established. Sort of.

Kotaku spoke with some sources (as they do) and some information has slipped through the cracks of the internet. Like all rumors, might as well have some grains of salt close by. The sources allude to the game being an online focused survival RPG with base-building and quests, which the online part being quite different than what you’ve known as Fallout up to this point.

Are you okay with Bethesda experimenting with the Fallout recipe putting other players in the mix, or would you prefer another huge single-player extravaganza where the world is your playground in solitude? Bethesda will show more at their E3 showcase.

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