Mega Man 11 launches October 2 so here is a trailer for it

Not only is Mega Man returning to smack Dr. Wily around for a bit, he does so looking fresher than ever and with a few new tricks up his buster gun. Mega Man 11 introduces the double gear system which gives you access to some new powers, and even combine them when things look dire. And dire it will most certainly look, this being a Mega Man game and all.

The trailer below also shows off a couple of new bosses, Fuse Man and Block Man, and they sure look hectic battles. I’m haven’t entirely made up my mind about what I think of Mega Man’s new child-like look, but that the game has some style is hardly worth debating.

Mega Man 11 will be out on October 2, and you can see more of the game on our game page.

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