Beat Saber is headed for PlayStation VR and you will look crazy playing it

There’s rhythm, and then there’s rhythm of which Beat Saber seems to have a whole lot of. If you are unfamiliar with the game, the trailer below should not only give you a clear representation of what’s going on, you might even feel a goose bump or two, because those are some beats. And with that I’ve spent my italic quota for today.

Beat Saber just got announced during Sony’s mini-reveal segment leading up to their keynote tomorrow. This was the last one, but it’s a welcome one. In Beat Saber you will be slicing and dicing blocks according to the directions implied by them, and thus making some sweet music while you wave you arms around in a state of euphoric panic. The music is composed by Jaroslav Beck and you will add your small, but noticeable touch to it by playing the game.

There’s not date yet, but I’ll make sure to update you when one surfaces.

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